Google Ads : what is it and why use it

If you are a business owner or manager, then you need to promote your products or services. On the web, Google Ads is a great way to do this.

I bring you the proof through this article.

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Like other platforms of course, Google Ads allows you to successfully promote your products or services. To be more specific, it is an online advertising program for businesses regardless of size or industry. They can achieve their business goals without wasting too much time.

I extensively explain how the platform works here.

To use it wisely, you need to know it and master it.

I give you, through this article,

6 good reasons to trust the Google Ads system.

Google has become a verb

What is most people’s first instinct today when they have a question that’s been on their minds? This is obviously to ask Google.

Although Google does not share its exact search volume, estimates put the figure at over 5 billion searches per month. This makes the search engine the most visited website in the world. He gets all kinds of requests. These queries range from the most trivial to the most complex.

Example: each month, in France, no less than 165,000 queries relating to the keyword Google Ads are entered on the Google search engine according to Neil Patel’s keyword research tool, Ubersuggest.

This way of doing things is defined in the online dictionary, Merriam-webster. According to him, the word Google is a transitive verb. It’s about “using the Google search engine to get information about someone or something on the World Wide Web”.

Google (the search engine) is becoming more and more demanding for the good of its users. Content publishers and advertisers have an obligation to provide relevant answers to questions asked by users. Your ads must therefore be relevant, original and effective if you want them to appear more often. The same goes for the content of your website. He deserves to be well done.

Reach your target audience

Google users are looking for products, services, information etc. They are characterized above all by their intention. This is not the case with social networks. Facebook, Instagram and other users are more concerned with social information. They are mostly interested in news from their families, their friends, their fans. They share photos immortalizing unforgettable moments of their lives.

On the Google Network, advertising does not bother users too much because of the intent behind them. According to a 2018 Clutch survey, 75% of Google users agree with Google Ads ads. According to them, these ads make it easier for them to find information.

It is quite the opposite on social networks where people are not necessarily publicity seekers. Some users of these platforms are so allergic to advertising that they do not hesitate to disconnect in the event of abuse or the distribution of inappropriate ads on the pages they consult.

Does the local store owner know that Google Ads can help them target only customers who are near their location?

With geographic targeting, you can promote your business to the customers of your choice who meet your targeting criteria. You can also exclude clients who are at long distance.

This will significantly reduce your advertising costs and lead to an increase in your Return on Investment (ROI).

Easily launch controllable campaigns

Launching a campaign on Google Ads is simple and within everyone’s reach. No administrative burden is necessary.

A Google account, a goal, a budget and compliance with the rules are the only prerequisites.

If you’re new to Google Ads, why not do what most advertisers do. They use the simplified version of Google Ads called smart mode. Easily and quickly, they can launch so-called “smart” campaigns and are assisted by Google’s machine learning.

Digital marketing professionals use the expert mode which gives them full control over their campaigns. Powerful tools are available to them on the Google Ads platform. Examples include Word Planner, Performance Planner, Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool.

It is possible and easy to modify your campaigns.

You can stop showing your ads at any time. Reactivate them whenever you want.

Within reach of all budgets

It is not disputed that the price of certain keywords is high on Google Ads.

The keyword Google Ads, for example, can reach $600 in the United States for a top-of-page bid from Google’s search engine.

But remember that these are very rare keywords. Most keywords are within reach of all budgets.

And then on Google Ads, you set the amount you want to spend each month. You also control the daily budget of your campaigns. Freely choose the maximum bid for your keywords.

The performance planner is designed to help you determine the ideal budget and better distribute it among your different campaigns.

Remember that it is recommended that you start with a small budget. Use the performance chart to effectively adjust your budget. Increase your ad spend when you see the results you expect. Reduce these expenses if the opposite is obvious to you. The decision is yours.

Immediate and measurable results

Natural referencing makes you wait months or even years before seeing the results of your efforts regardless of the sector of activity. This time is money. Can your business afford to wait that long?

With Google Ads, you don’t have to wait that long. Create effective and relevant ads that direct your potential customers to optimized landing pages and start reaping the rewards of your efforts right away. The number of impressions, clicks and conversions are increasing day by day.

By linking your Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads accounts, you will be able to study and analyze the behavior of your visitors on your website. Google Analytics 4 counts each event and each conversion that occurs on your site, once the configuration has been carried out.

Achieve your goal whatever it is

An advertiser who decides to use Google Ads or to entrust the management of his account to an agency or a Freelancer necessarily pursues an objective. The creation of a campaign is also subordinate to the definition of an objective. You cannot achieve success with Google Ads without this goal. To define it, you need to think about the purpose of the campaign. In general, advertisers pursue 4 types of goals with Google Ads :

  • Increase brand awareness ;
  • lead users to visit a website ;
  • Acquire and increase the number of leads ;
  • Generate sales ;

Increase brand awareness

No marketer ignores the importance of brand awareness. How do audiences understand and feel comfortable with a brand or a company’s products?

It is brand awareness that drives audiences.

The more consumers know about your brand when shopping or researching products or services, the more likely they are to buy yours instead of competitors they don’t know about.

Brand awareness is therefore the way a user recognizes, understands and remembers a product or service.

For audiences to recognize and remember your product or service or logo or slogan, you need to increase brand awareness.

Google considers it a campaign objective and can help you increase it especially on the Display Network or Youtube. For this, Google provides you with a variety of ad formats.

Get users to visit a website

Did you know that in December 2021, there were nearly 2 billion websites. The number of Internet users is also increasing every day. In January 2022, there were more than 5 billion Internet users worldwide.

How to stand out in this “jungle”? how to attract traffic to your website?

These questions are probably on your mind like all website owners. And especially if you are new to the web. Miracle solutions are offered to you by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts. While some of these solutions are effective, it still takes time to achieve your goals. And especially if you know that the algorithms of the main traffic provider (Google) are regularly updated.

Yet you have no choice if you have products or services to sell. You need traffic to your website. Simply put, to sell your products or services, you need visitors to your website. Without visitors, do not expect to achieve your sales or lead generation goals.

Fortunately, Google Ads is there to help you achieve your goals. In a short period of time, you can achieve your goal of attracting visitors to your website and without spending too much money if that is what you want.

Acquire and increase the number of leads

Visitors to your website can be turned into leads. Some must be wondering what exactly a lead is. Others how?

A prospect is that person who shows interest in the products or services you are promoting. The way to manifest it varies. Many lead generation strategies exist. Some are used more than others.

Regularly posting quality content on your website and sending targeted emails can earn you leads. Users appreciate when you answer their questions and help them solve their problems. They will not hesitate to subscribe to your newsletter. Publishing and sharing a white paper on a subject you are knowledgeable about can also help you acquire the contact details of your readers.

Social networks also play a significant role in acquiring leads. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter help you stay in touch with your subscribers to whom you provide information that they appreciate.

The effectiveness of Google Ads in this area is known. It’s easy for you to acquire quality leads on both the Search Network and the Google Display Network. The Google Ads system provides you with so many features and settings that allow you to encourage customers who are interested in your products or services. By choosing the Prospects objective when creating your Google Ads campaign and then following the recommendations made, it will be easy for you to increase subscriptions to your newsletter and obtain the contact details of your potential customers.

Generate sales

It is almost impossible to sell without customers. This is obvious to everyone. To sell online, it is imperative to have traffic on your website and know how to convert visitors into leads. We explained above how to acquire leads.

Remember that lead generation is only the first step in the sales or conversion funnel. To convert better, it helps to have a well-defined and organized system that tracks the prospect as they move through the conversion funnel. Each prospect must be the subject of study or analysis. The information concerning him must be regularly updated.

Interacting with prospects is necessary if you want to make the most sales. Google Ads has tools designed for this. Explore the Conversions and Attribution measurement tools in the main Tools and Settings menu to convince yourself. Again, remember to link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics 4 to fine-tune your metrics. The success of your business depends on it.

To conclude, note and remember that Google Ads is the first advertising platform you should use if you are pursuing a business objective online. Its effectiveness is therefore no longer to be demonstrated. Everyone needs to learn it because of its complexity.

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