3 essential alternatives to Google Ads

It is undisputed that Google Ads is a highly recommended advertising platform even if one is out of step with Google’s indisputable dominance on the web. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of the benefits of this excellent source of traffic and customer generation.

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    Google Ads is not the only platform specializing in this area. Competitors exist and claim their share of the cake. These are mainly Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads. These platforms also allow you to advertise. You better use them if you want to grow and earn more. Of course, it all depends on your business objective. They certainly have similarities with Google Ads but what differentiates them is however more important. To be convinced of this, let’s analyze how they work.


    Facebook  is the most popular social media platform. I do not teach you anything. Facebook’s audience base is huge (over 2 billion monthly active users). Its users devote a lot of time to sharing with their loved ones all the important events in their lives: weddings, births, birthdays and celebrations. They share a wide range of personal interests, values, beliefs and ideologies.

    Nearly 10 million advertisers have understood this.

    Most of these advertisers have also understood that Facebook like Google Ads can be profitable.

    Facebook offers them the opportunity to deliver advertising messages to a targeted audience thus making what was considered impossible or imaginary, real and very useful.

    This social network is similar to Google Ads in only one way:

    promote your products or services on the internet.

    Above all, do not doubt that Facebook is working properly. This platform works remarkably well. It’s a great way for advertisers to get closer to their potential customers, increase their engagement and increase their sales.

    If Google Ads can help advertisers find new customers mainly through keywords, Facebook on the other hand is mainly used when it comes to finding businesses. This is a big difference. There are of course others.

    Differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

    Google Ads is the most popular and largest PPC platform in the world. On average, Google Ads provides billions of ad impressions every day. Google Ads, now called “paid search”, works by emphasizing keywords and text ads.

    These ads appear when users enter search terms similar to these keywords on Google and its Partner Network. And each time an ad is clicked, the advertiser who bid on those keywords pays a set amount. An amount that is often lower than its initial bid.

    I explain all this in detail here.

    Other platforms like Microsoft Ads work pretty much the same way. Microsoft Ads is even compatible with Google Ads.

    Facebook Ads is what is called “the paid social network” par excellence. Advertising there is synonymous with having the opportunity to direct users to companies based on their searches and interest in the products or services they are looking for.

    Facebook ad formats

    On Facebook Ads, a business can design a marketing campaign using any of the main formats available. So you can:

    • interact with the audience of your choice to boost your visibility ;
    • increase your conversions or funnel-based results with retargeting.


    Facebook Ads like Google Ads does not stop innovating in this direction by adding new ad formats.

    Facebook also allows you to create a “Like Audiences” segment in an effort to grow your potential audience. To do this, the information of your own customers will be used to find others who are similar to them.

    This pioneer in paid social services also enables advertisers to deliver powerful and persuasive visual ads that seamlessly integrate with images, videos, and other visual content in users’ news feeds.

    All of these features make advertising on Facebook better. The ads there are becoming more and more compelling and of high quality.

    Cost and Return on Investment (ROI)

    Almost all experts and advertisers advertising on Facebook Ads recognize that the prices there are very affordable. Better than on Google Ads, they estimate for the most part.

    This very competitive pricing makes Facebook Ads an attractive advertising platform, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with limited budgets.

    The budget for a Facebook advertising campaign varies like that of Google Ads. This variation depends on several factors, the main one being the objective of your campaign.

    The ROI obtained on Facebook is generally significantly appreciable if it is preceded by the implementation of good marketing techniques. This makes Facebook Ads a very cost-effective advertising solution offered to advertisers alongside Google Ads and many other advertising platforms.

    Microsoft Ads

    Faced with the domination of Google and Facebook, platforms like Microsoft Ads are trying to exist. Certain advertisers are certainly asking this question: is it a platform used?

    Ads created with Microsoft Ads appear on the Bing search engine.

    In the United States, this Microsoft search engine holds nearly 15% of the search market share against 3% worldwide.

    In France, Bing’s market share is estimated at more than 5%.

    On Bing, users in France perform an average of nearly 400 million monthly searches. This figure is higher in the United States. Globally, 12 billion searches are performed there each month according to the Statista website.

    Which shows that Microsoft Ads can help you achieve your goal.

    It is a platform that works even if it is in proportions, far lower, than those of Google Ads.

    The presence of Microsoft Ads in the automotive, finance, clairvoyance and telecommunications industries market is significant in the United States.

    Unlike Google Ads, and like Facebook, Microsoft Ads charges lower CPCs in many areas.

    Microsoft Ads is also characterized by its constant innovation and seeks above all to improve the user experience because it needs to attract more users.

    It is a platform similar, in its operation, to its neighbor and competitor Google Ads and even supports the import of campaigns from the latter platform.

    Twitter Ads

    Twitter is one of the pioneering social media advertising platforms. Faced with competition from Facebook today, Twitter is working to improve functionality on its advertising platform. On twitter Ads it is made available to advertisers, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts. But ads with videos are popular. This has helped to increase its engagement rate, which still remains below that of Facebook.

    Like other platforms, Twitter is constantly introducing new tools for its goal-based campaigns.

    The pricing is linked to the commitment. Advertisers can choose the cost per engagement model. They are also offered the possibility of establishing a budget, of defining their bids so that their ads are broadcast. When the targeted audience performs an action based on their campaign objective, they are then charged. They pay an amount that never exceeds their bids.


    We have therefore just seen that Google Ads, although a powerful platform, is not alone on the web. Other advertising platforms exist and compete with Google Ads. Facebook, which some compare to the Google Display Network, is an excellent alternative made available to advertisers. These 2 platforms, market leaders, are aimed at all types of companies operating on the web.

    An effective advertising strategy, in my opinion, must be based on the simultaneous exploitation of these 2 powerful networks. Learn and master how they work. And you will inevitably gain more performance and achieve ROI. Making them competitors in the implementation of your marketing strategies is a grotesque mistake.

    Google Ads and Facebook Ads each have their own audiences. Microsoft Ads and Twitter Ads on their side are working hard to keep up with the competition.

    Other niche markets exist.

    I’m thinking especially of Linkedin Ads, which is a great opportunity for B2B. Amazon Ads, on the other hand, is well suited for e-commerce merchants. Tik tok, Instagram and many others are not left behind.

    All these platforms are a vast market for web companies. What a shame to deprive yourself of it.

    It is up to advertisers and marketers to analyze the advantages offered by each of them, to select those that best meet their business objectives and to go for it. Success is at the end of their evaluation and optimization processes.


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