What you need to know about Google Partners

Google Ads is Google’s advertising network that allows you to increase your online sales, find qualified prospects or improve your brand awareness.

Google Ads contains many powerful tools that make it a complex platform. Google partners have learned to master them and make many customers happy every day.

This article tells you more.

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What is a Google Partner


A Google Partner is an agency or third party that has the Google Ads skills and expertise to manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other businesses or brands. It has fulfilled all the requirements imposed by Google. This makes it a privileged member of the Google Partners program.

Partners are divided into 2 broad categories :


  • Google partners ;
  • and Premier Partners

They have access to 2 types of badge :

  • the Google Partner badge 
  • and the Premier Partner badge

These badges can be added to their websites or other digital media to show their visitors that Google recognizes their status as Google Partners.


How to Become a Google Partner


The status of Google partner is recognized to an agency or a third party if 3 criteria of requirements imposed by Google are met. These requirements, regularly checked by Google, are divided into 3 categories: performance, expenses and certifications.


An optimization score is a measure that gives an appreciation of the level of performance of your account. It is calculated in real time. Scores range from 0 to 100%.

A Google Ads Manager’s account must have an optimization score of 70% to qualify for Google Partner status. Such a score proves to Google that the manager has control over his account.


Google requires partner manager accounts to maintain a spend of $10,000 or more over a 90-day period.


To achieve Google Partner status, an agency or third party must have at least 50% of their strategists certified in Google Ads.

A strategist is an employee and manager of Google Ads accounts on behalf of clients of the company that employs him.

It is also required the presence of at least one certification per Google Ads product with expenditure equal to or greater than $500.


The 3 levels of partnership


Google Partners are divided into 3 tiers: Member, Partner, and Partner Premier.


The Member level is the lowest level open to any administrator account holder. To become one, simply register for the program from an administrator account. It does not qualify for the Google Partner badge.


To hope to obtain the status of partner materialized by a badge, an agency or a third party must meet the 3 criteria of requirements relating to performance, expenses and obtaining Google Ads certifications. These 3 criteria are those detailed above.

Partner  Premier

Partners Premier are agencies or third parties that meet the Partners requirements discussed above (performance, spend, and certifications) and have proven their ability to :

  • Grow and retain their customer base ;
  • Diversify their Google Ads products

In the evaluation, 2 other criteria are also taken into account :

  • the company’s annual expenses ;
  • and the performance of its competitors in the country where it operates

This is why in each country, only 3% of the most successful companies that meet the partner conditions, obtain Premier Partner status.

It should be noted that this status is not yet available in all countries.


Personalized benefits offered to Google partners


Google provides its partners with benefits that help their own development and the success of their customers.

  • Training and insights allow them to improve their knowledge of Google Ads and other Google products and to stay up to date with the latest news in their sector of activity.
  • Google Ads technical support and account resources are available to them.
  • Premier partners, on the other hand, benefit from dedicated strategic and commercial assistance and can be invited to Google events such as strategy meetings and round tables in which Google teams participate. They can also access tailor-made training.
  • The Partners Rewards Program, which is a quarterly challenge, is a source of motivation that rewards Google partners.
  • The Premier Partner Awards recognize the excellent work of Premier Partners each year.


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