How Google Ads Works

Google Ads is like an ecosystem. It connects its advertisers and users and at the same time seeks to satisfy everyone. I explain to you how?

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Although complex, Google Ads is still functional. It also works wonderfully well.

Users are generally thirsty for knowledge and especially want to know before acting.

To quench their thirst for information, they naturally turn to Google. It has even become a habit with them. Sometimes they go elsewhere. But they mostly come back on Google. They have learned to trust its algorithms.

It must be admitted, these algorithms have come a long way. They became successful and made Google what it is today: the reference in terms of search since almost everyone goes there to find what they are looking for.

Advertisers have no choice because they have products and services to promote. Google makes it easier for them by saving them time. It allows them to serve targeted ads. These ads will appear in the best positions and locations on the Google Network. Where targeted users will be able to see them to click on them.

Interesting no!!!

If you are an advertiser, do not deprive yourself of it; use Google Ads.

It is normal for you to be skeptical, to ask yourself questions.

Certainly the ones that most advertisers new to Google Ads ask themselves:

  • How does the Google Ads system trigger your ads to show?
  • Where exactly are your ads showing?
  • How are your ads ranked?
  • How to improve your ad ranking?
  • What is the price to pay ?

The process of showing your ads by Google Ads

When you create ads on Google Ads, you need to choose keywords that will eventually trigger those ads. Keywords are actually words or phrases that you choose yourself. Example: shoe, rose bouquet, hotel etc. These are the keywords that will cause your ads to appear. But Google users would have to enter queries on the search engine that exactly match or have similarities with your keywords.

On the Google Search Network, you can only target keywords. It’s different on the Display Network. On this Google Display Network, you can, apart from keywords, target placements that correspond to places where your ads can appear.

As soon as your ad is served, Google charges you according to the bidding option chosen: CPC, CPM, vCPM or target CPA…

The choice of your bid strategy is linked to your advertising objective.

If you want to direct your potential customers to your website, then it is recommended that you choose Cost-per-click (CPC) auctions.

If you just want users to see your message, then use the Cost-per-impression (CPM) or Target cost-per-impression (vCPM) bidding strategy.

You may fall into this category of advertisers wishing to increase, for example, sales on their websites, then choose smart bidding strategies such as: “Target CPA”, “Target ROAS”, “Maximize conversions and “Maximize conversion value”. And there, you give way to the power of Machine Learning.

Where exactly are your ads showing ?

The distribution places of your Ads ads

Are your ads known to run on the Google Search Network and/or the Google Display Network?

It is true that it is not too clear for everyone.

Don’t worry, let me explain.

The Google Ads system gives you the option to show your ads on 2 types of targeting networks: the Search Network and the Google Display Network.

The Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is made up of Google and all of its search partners. Understand by search partners, the websites that integrate and operate the Google search engine.

On this search network, your ads appear above and below Google’s natural results. You can also see them in the “Shopping” tab, on “Google Images”, “Google Maps”, in the Maps app and on Google Play.

On Google’s partner sites, you can find them in the places provided for this purpose by the owners of these sites.

To distinguish them from natural results, it is mentioned next to “Advertisement”. Only a maximum of 4 ads can be shown above the organic results and 3 below.

The Google Display Network

The Display Network is formed by all the websites that have entered into a partnership with Google authorizing the latter to display Google Ads ads directly on certain parts of their web pages dedicated to this purpose. These are mainly content publishers participating in Google Adsense programs.

This Network is formed by large platforms such as Youtube, blogs and websites of various content.

On the Display Network, your ads can be shown in the most varied delivery formats (text, images, videos).

Your text ads can be shown simultaneously on both networks, unlike your image ads in video format, which can only be shown on the Display Network.


The ranking of Google Ads ads

Obtaining a good ranking for its Google Ads ads is the fear of any advertiser on the Google Networks. What’s more normal. The advertiser wants its ads to be served and seen by users. This is why he pays Google.

This gives rise to competition between advertisers. A competition that will depend on the ranking of the ads.

Your ad position is the order in which the ad appears on a page. Ads that appear on a particular search results page are placed in order based on the ad rank. Thus, the position of your ad will depend on its ranking during the competition of ads. This rank is a score that is based on your bid and your Quality Score. The expected impact of your extensions and ad formats is also taken into consideration in this ranking.

Before going any further, keep in mind that due to the diversity of websites that make up the Google Display Network, your average ad position may be less meaningful when trying to optimize your ad performance on this network.

In the cycle of showing ads on the search results pages, the highest ranked ad is shown in the first position. The second-ranked ad is shown below, and so on until the end of the ad slots on a search results page.

On another page, the bid and Quality Score of the ads are recalculated by the system.

What you must therefore understand and above all remember is that to obtain a good ranking, you must above all work on the quality of your ads.

If your ad is not ranking well, then consider improving it.

Improving the ranking of your ads and its price

What matters most to Google is getting the satisfaction of its users.

On the web, users give more importance to the relevance of information.

On Google Ads, the highest ranking ads are those that are deemed relevant by users. It is therefore up to advertisers whose ads are of low quality to work on improving them. To do this, focus on the quality score of your ads, keywords, and landing pages.

The level of quality, the main component

Quality Score is actually the primary measure of the success of your Google Ads campaigns.

Your Quality Score depends on several factors including :

Your click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of each of your keywords that make up an ad group, your landing page experience, the relevance of your ad text, and your Google Ads account performance history.

Your Ad Quality Score is so crucial that it influences many aspects of your account, campaigns, ads, and keywords.

A good level of quality thus allows :

  • your listings to participate in the competition more easily and at a lower cost ;
  • to obtain a better ad position ;
  • your ads to have a better chance of appearing on the first page of search results at a lower cost ;
  • to have the ability to serve extensions and other ad formats ;
  • drastically reduce your CPC.

All this shows that a high level of quality is correlated with the success of your campaigns and therefore allows you to have a better return on investment (ROI).

Optimizing your quality level is not to be neglected.

Optimization of the level of quality

Improving your Quality Score is highly recommended by Google.

A high-quality ad encourages Internet users to click on it regularly. This is how Google can qualify it as a relevant and useful ad and can thus improve its ranking.

Optimizing your quality score includes, among other things, focusing your efforts on the following specific aspects :

  • choosing your keywords should be guided by the theme of their ad group and landing page ;
  • your keywords chosen after a search should be inserted into your ad text to show people that your ad is what they are looking for ;
  • non-performing keywords should be excluded ;
  • your ad must be attractive, clear and allow you to stand out from the competition ;
  • an effective call to action is to be used in the text of the ad in order to encourage users to click on it ;The most common call-to-actions are : Buy, Order, Sell, Sign Up, Get a Quote, Try…
  • in order to achieve your advertising objectives, it is recommended that you regularly evaluate the performance of your campaigns, ads and keywords; Then proceed with regular testing and timely modifications.

All at what cost? This must now be the question you should definitely be asking yourself.

The price to pay

The distribution of your ads has a price. We know it.

The amount you are charged is already fixed in advance by yourself. This is called the max CPC. In other words, the maximum price per click that you are willing to pay.

To determine your ad’s position in the auction, your max. is taken into account. It is also multiplied by your quality level by the Google Ads system.

How can it be ? Only Google knows exactly. But it is obvious that the quality score is a factor that weighs in the Google algorithm.

The higher your Quality Score and closer to 10 (highest score), the more difficult it will be for your competitors to outrank you in a competition. Your CPC, on top of that, drops significantly and the less you pay for a conversion, if any.

Be aware that cost per conversion is different from cost per click. With conversions, you don’t pay for a click but for a conversion; That is, an action that you want a user to perform. In general, the cost per conversion is higher than the cost per click.

Either way, the final amount you’ll be charged for each click on your ad is often less than your maximum cost-per-click (max CPC) bid. We talk about real cost per click (actual CPC) corresponding to the maximum amount that you are charged.
Source: Google

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