Why should you use Google Ads Scripts

Your Google Ads ads don’t just need to be created and published. But you need to constantly optimize them in order to achieve your goal. For this, be prepared to devote a lot of time to them. They need to be monitored, updated and refined. It can take you whole days.

It is true that automated rules can be of great use to you. But is it enough? Do they allow you to manage the level of detail you need? Of course not. It is quite the opposite of Google Ads Scripts which can help you reach this level. But you have to understand them well and know how to use them. This article will help you do that.

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    The variables Variables are containers that store customizable data values. To work, a variable must correspond to specific objects and entities in your Google Ads account. A variable is expressed by Var followed by something in the script code. Example: Var keywords = AdsApp.keywords() Items There are 4 types of objects in Google Ads: AdsApp, SpreadsheetApp, AdsmanagerApp and UrlFetchApp. AdsApp is however the best known and most used in Google Ads. The entities There are several entities in the AdsApp object including the following: Accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ad parameters, ad schedule, budgets etc. Selectors Selectors are filters. Your script will use it to extract data from your Google Ads account. Most selectors fall into one of the following categories: withCondition( ), withIds( ), forDateRange( ), orderBy( ), and withLimit( ). To refine your data, you can use multiple selectors at once. The methods These are the commands in your code. Methods allow you to automate certain tasks. They are many. But the most common are recognized in the code by Get, Set, Add. Iterators Iterators create loops and allow your script to fire and continuously return valid data.

    Why use Google Ads Scripts

    We use Google Ads scripts for one main reason: to save time. Optimizing Google Ads accounts is a tedious task especially for large accounts. Automating these processes with custom or preconfigured scripts not only saves you valuable time, but also allows you to detect problems or errors and opportunities that escape the naked eye. With Google Ads scripts, you can for example:
    • automate the adjustment of your real bids;
    • have visual representations of users’ search behavior (heat maps);
    • monitor the quality level of your keywords;
    • pause ads with low CTR;
    • benefit from precise reports on broken links;
    • analyze your advertising expenditure.

    How to configure Google Ads Scripts

    Google Ads scripts can be intimidating to a new user. Remember that their configuration requires you to have at least basic notions of JavaScript. If this is your case, know that you can either create new scripts or use one of the templates available in your account and meeting your requirements. These templates are also editable. To write a Google Ads Script, you need to follow these steps :
    • log in to your Google Ads account;
    • click on TOOLS AND SETTINGS from the main menu of your account;
    • click on Scripts from the Bulk Actions section;
    • click on the icon;
    • Click New Script to write a completely new script or Start from a new template.
    • Give your script a name or rename it ;
    • Click on Allow button which is displayed at the top right end of the page.
    The newly configured script will show up in the scripts dashboard in enabled mode. Examples of usable scripts are numerous on the Web. The ones you are thinking of are probably already created and used by Google partners. Seek and you will find. And if that happens, know that you can import them into your Google Ads account in order to use them..


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