What you need to know about Performance Max Google Ads campaigns

In an effort to help advertisers achieve their advertising goals, Google has made Performance Max campaigns available to them. Innovative campaigns using machine learning to enable them to leverage all of Google’s advertising channels. They also make it possible to obtain better results than those obtained through search campaigns in terms of specific conversions such as online sales, prospects, etc.
Is this a good idea? isn’t its operation complex? Are there any benefits?
We will answer all these questions through this article.

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    A great idea

    Performance Max campaigns remind us of smart campaigns. They use automation and machine learning at almost every level. Google understands that advertisers place great importance on conversion goals. This is why this new type of campaign is launched in November 2021. It makes it easy for advertisers by allowing them to access their entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. Performance Max campaigns support your Search campaigns with which they share the same objectives. They help you generate more conversions and conversion value by leveraging all of Google’s channels (The Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, Discover, Gmail and Maps). Isn’t that a great idea?

    How does it work ?

    On the Search Network

    You must first understand and remember that Performance Max campaigns do not compete with your current Search campaigns. On the contrary, they complement them by taking into account the configuration of your keyword targeting. Your search campaign will always outperform the Max Performance campaign as long as the user query matches an eligible search keyword. This rule remains regardless of the match type. Otherwise, the campaign or ad with the highest ranking and taking into account the relevance and performance factors during its creation will be chosen. The character of ineligibility is important here. It can cause your search keywords to appear in your Performance Max campaign. Search keyword ineligibility can be caused by insufficient campaign budget, low search volume, and an unapproved ad group landing page.

    With a Google Merchant Center feed

    The creation of a Performance Max campaign remains possible for any advertiser with a Google Merchant Center feed. In this case, it is not necessary to provide creative elements. You just need to provide creative elements when creating the Performance Max campaign. This will allow your campaign to be effective and to be broadcast on all possible media. Note that the limit is set at 100 Performance Max campaigns in each Google Ads account.

    With store visits

    If you’re an advertiser who has store visits goals set up as conversion goals, then you’re eligible for Performance Max campaign creation.

    What can we expect there ?

    Google promises us many measurable benefits with Performance Max campaigns. Since Performance Max campaigns are designed to run across all Google channels and unlock new audience segments, what could be more normal than to expect an increase in our customers. The machine learning used in Performance Max campaigns provides accurate predictions that result in the generation of more value. Sharp reports can be produced with this type of campaign to help us understand, analyze and optimize our strategies in order to increase performance and conversions. Agencies that have been using it since its inception are not complaining. They claim to have obtained good results in terms of conversion. Bloom in one example among many others. Let’s not forget, however, that when it comes to machine learning, time matters a lot. So let’s learn to be patient if we want to see the results promised by Google.


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