Alexa left us

Alexa left us. His departure was certainly announced since last year. She had May 1, 2022. What are the reasons for this departure? will there be a replacement?

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If you were an avid user of this powerful tool, know that you need to look for an alternative to better optimize your Website.

After more than twenty-five (25) years of “good and loyal” service, this highly appreciated ranking tool in the marketing world has ceased to serve us.

Alexa internet, not to be confused with the virtual assistant, was created in 1996.

Amazon, having sniffed out the bargain, bought it in 1999.

And since then, many companies have used it to improve their marketing strategies.

Alexa allowed for keyword research like the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

We will regret his precious help in the analysis of the competition.

It will be difficult to forget his immense contribution to the audit of websites.

What are the reasons for this departure ?

Is it because of high platform maintenance costs?

Is it for reasons of relevance?

Does the competition have anything to do with it?

Is it because of the subscription price?

I give my tongue to the cat. No reason is provided by the company.

Nothing but rumours.

The company only says it regrets the decision.

A decision that will impact, who knows, the performance of more than 30 million websites.

What will happen now ?

APIs will be retired on December 15, 2022.

Don’t think about subscribing.

Consider exporting your data instead. It’s doable.

The company explains everything to you on this page.

Also consider deleting your account.

Auditing and analysis of site performance, among other things, will continue.

This decision to withdraw undoubtedly stirs up competition.

Semrush, SE ranking … must be rubbing their hands.

These are powerful alternatives that should not be overlooked.

Source: alexa.com


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