Google Universal Analytics (UA) is preparing to leave us

Between July 23 and October 1, 2023, the standard Universal Analytics properties and Universal Analytics 360 properties will no longer be of much use to you.

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We had been expecting it for more than 2 and a half years when Google announced the arrival of Google Analytics 4 (GA).

Reasons for leaving

The flexibility is there for something.

What does Russel Ketchum, Director, Product Management, Google Analytics tell us about this?

“In today’s measurement landscape, companies face new challenges in understanding their customers’ complex, cross-platform journeys, while prioritizing user privacy.”

Are we to understand that Universal Analytics’ measurement methodology focusing on independent sessions and observable data through cookies has become obsolete?

It seems to be Yes!!!

Is this the only reason?

User privacy is a priority for businesses. Universal Analytics only offers a few privacy controls.

GA4 is designed with privacy according to Google.

Privacy is fundamental. Users care a lot about it.

We understand better the motivations of Google.

Users are certainly waiting for GA 4 to help them forget about this tool that the oldest among them have been using for over 16 years.

What does Google Analytics 4 (GA 4) provide ?

GA 4 focuses on the commercial objectives of these users.

GA 4 helps them increase sales, generate leads, connect online or offline customer engagement or boost app installs.

How ?

By :

  • the implementation of an event-based measurement model thus allowing to obtain a more exhaustive view of the life cycle of the customer ;
  • data-driven attribution that helps improve return on investment (ROI) ;
  • implementing new country-level privacy controls to help better manage and minimize user-level data collection ;
  • machine learning that makes it possible to better leverage data ;
  • Analytics insights that facilitate the optimization of Google Ads campaigns

In the meantime, you have plenty of time to test GA 4 and train yourself before it’s gone.


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